Google Search Results for Blogsmith Disappoint

Blogsmith hit my project radar recently so I started doing some elementary research on the platform.

blogsmith logo

A search in Google for “Blogsmith” took me off on a tangent and revealed how imperfect Google search results are.  Here is what I found in the first 10 search results and beyond.

Result #1

If you visit you will find the Blogsmith logo on a blue gradient field. Nothing else.

Result #2 will actually allow you to login securely if you already have a Blogsmith account.

Result #3 (2006) is where Brian (a founder) tells a brief history of Blogsmith and Weblogs starting back in June of 2003.

Result #4

Is Brian Alvey’s Wikipedia page which shows that AOL bought Blogsmith in November 2006.

Result #5

Is the Blogsmith Twitter account!/blogsmith which has two followers, is following three other accounts and protects its Tweets.  The bio reads: “I am the most advanced blogging platform in the world”.


Result #6 (2010)

Is a Blogherald piece about AOL purchasing TechCrunch and whether AOL will move TechCrunch form Automattic’s WordPress VIP hosting to Blogsmith or not.

Result #7 (2007)

Is a TopRank blog post discussing whether Blogsmith could be released to the public in 2007.

Here is where Google entirely loses the Blogsmith blogging platform scent.

Result #8

Is a Brookline, MA bookstore blog hosted on Blogger.

Result #9

Is a general interest blog also hosted on Blogger.

Result #10 (2008)

Is a video search result. The Vimeo video shows you how to use the Blogsmith administrative panel, by Jonathon Morgan.


Towards the end of the second page of search results news articles about Blogsmith begin to appear. Moving further into the search results there are many listings where the term blogsmith was used like the term blacksmith, but about blogs.

The small amount of  information available about the history and use of Blogsmith is surprising. However, this could be because Blogsmith is still privately owned by AOL.

old aol logo

Brian Alvey’s work history is impressive. He has worked on some pretty huge projects and they seem to have scaled really well.

I wonder how many blogs are running Blogsmith?   Royal Pingdom showed in 2009 that Blogsmith was running 14 of the 100 largest blogs.

I wonder whether any Blogsmith blogs exist outside of AOL?

UPDATE: Strangely, this post now ranks number one for the search “BlogSmith”.


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3 thoughts on “Google Search Results for Blogsmith Disappoint

    1. Brain, thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. Is the total number of Blogsmith blogs public information? Inquiring minds want to know, or at least a range.
      If I ever hit the big time and need super scalability Crowd Fusion will be on the short short list. 😉

  1. It’s impossible for me to count them, being 3 or 4 years outside of AOL.

    When we sold Weblogs to AOL there were 50-80 blogs. AOL has used it for tons of properties, but they also shut them off like crazy — especially older blogs that overlap with HuffPost’s coverage.

    I’m sure Blogsmith was powering several hundred blogs at one point.

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