BlogWranglers Expert Interview on MediaShower

Jim Spencer, the founder and president of BlogWranglers, was recently interviewed over on Media Shower. Here is a link. If you are curious about the number one concern of clients who migrate from HubSpot to WordPress you will find the answer in the interview. Click here to read the expert interview.

Blogger Photo Back-Up Service

Migrations from Blogger to WordPress are becoming more popular.  In our client discussions we hear of the following advantages; Overview of Blogger Migration Advantages All database data and images stored on your own server Improved page load speed SEO enhancements available Increased ease of posting in the WP environment as compared to Blogger Control Your […]

Why are HubSpot Users Migrating to WordPress?

Migrating from HubSpot to WordPress continues among many businesses. One of the companies we spoke with recently operates in three countries which means it is a sizable enterprise. Their reasons for moving from HubSpot to WordPress are; The API does not meet expectations The website is loading slowly (very slowly) Lacks the ability to include […]

Corral is the BlogWrangler’s Sandbox – Crafting Solutions for Your Data

Programmers have referred to their sandboxes for years. A sandbox is an area set aside where development is carried out separate from the live production areas. We get the concept, but the term sandbox just doesn’t carry the right connotation here at BlogWranglers. Our development space, used to create solutions for our clients, is a […]

Personal Blog Experience Drives Blog Migration to WordPress

Demand is high to move blogs from many platforms to WordPress.  What is pushing this trend? WordPress began in 2003 and over the intervening years millions of WordPress blogs have been built.  Many  individual entrepreneurs have their own WordPress blogs. Over the years these folks have developed significant experience using WordPress. In addition, they have […]