Personal Blog Experience Drives Blog Migration to WordPress

Demand is high to move blogs from many platforms to WordPress.  What is pushing this trend?

WordPress began in 2003 and over the intervening years millions of WordPress blogs have been built.  Many  individual entrepreneurs have their own WordPress blogs.

Over the years these folks have developed significant experience using WordPress. In addition, they have seen WordPress maintain a rapid pace of development.  The improvements, additional features, bug fixes and thousands of plugins are contributing reasons to WordPress being the leading blog platform.

As blogging enters the business world, those folks with WordPress experience are comfortable with and recommending WordPress and their requests are being granted.

Folks want the same steady platform improvement, WordPress ease of use and familiarity and the comfort of knowing that there are thousands of people they can turn to when WordPress expertise are needed for tasks they don’t customarily deal with.

What have you seen driving the WordPress migration?