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BlogWranglers can migrate  your site to WordPress.

Ready to migrate from HubSpot, MovableType, Blogger, Drupal, Tumblr, ActiveRain, Day, Ektron a custom CMS or anything else you might have? You are at the right place.  Just look at the Blog Move Counter in the right sidebar.  –>

Blog Wranglers can move your blog.

Clients keep asking us, “Can you move, migrate, transfer, relocate, export and import our blog or website from HubSpot, MovableType, Blogger, Drupal and others to WordPress?”
Our answer is Yes! We can handle every aspect of your website move, worry free.

Many clients have tried moving a blog themselves and found less than satisfying results, in some cases disastrous results.

Some of the ways we can help you:

  • Move your site from HubSpot, MovableType, Blogger, Drupal and more to WordPress
  • Preserve the link structure so that inbound links and ranking are retained
  • Provide custom 301 redirects
  • Set a firm schedule for the project, often less than two weeks from consultation and agreement to completion
  • Host your migrated WordPress site on our dedicated server
  • Preserve your existing look and feel or develop a creative new design
  • Provide services to optimize your new blog for the search engines (SEO)
  • Move images, users/authors, and attachments
  • Manage the domain name server transition

Whether you are paying too much where you are, the platform no longer meets your needs or you are not getting the high level of service you require, you have options now.

WordPress has matured to the point that we are helping more and more blog owners move from their valuable content to the latest version of the self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.  You could be next.

Contact the Blog Wranglers today with your blog move request and we will offer a proposal within 36 hours.

We had the pleasure of working with;


The Carter Center


The Carter Center

Migration of 100′s of comments from Convio email newsletter imported as WordPress blog post comments.



The MP Daily Fix

MP Daily Fix

Full migration from MovableType to WordPress and custom design recreated in WordPress.

10,500 posts moved. Over 23,000 comments moved. 120 authors with bios including photos, text and links. Over 1,800 tags migrated.


Modern Drummer Magazine


Modern Drummer Magazine

Complete data migration from a custom-built content management system to WordPress.  Over 1,400 posts.



The Goodness Grows

The Goodness Grows

Blog and website migration from GoDaddy into one installation of WordPress. Completely new custom design (custom theme). Migrated 275 posts and 900 comments.

Read Mimi’s comments about her project.


Ediston Research

Edison Research

Complete migration of pages, posts and comments from MoveableType to WordPress. Nearly 900 posts were migrated. 1800 comments and 50 pages utilizing multiple unique page templates were moved along with 100 PDFs .

Read Tom’s comments about his project.