WordPress Migration from RainMaker Digital Platform to WPEngine.

RainMaker Digital is the digital marketing platform from the folks over at CopyBlogger. Since 2009 BlogWranglers has specialized in migrating websites and blogs from another digital marketing platform, HubSpot, so when Chris made contact about migrating this seemed like a good opportunity to put our experience to work on a similar platform. Why Migrate from […]

New WordPress Gutenberg Editor is Coming: Test, Embrace, Disable

WordPress is currently at version 4.9.8 and the Gutenberg 3.4 editor preview is available as of August 2, 2018. When WordPress version 5.0 releases Gutenberg will become the default editor in WordPress 5.0. Matt Mullenweg,┬áco-founder of WordPress, said that after one hundred thousand users and two hundred fifty thousand blog posts, Gutenberg could be ready […]

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS: 4 reasons and a clear trend

BlogWranglers migrated nearly a dozen sites from HTTP to HTTPS in the last month. The trend to HTTPS is clear. We found a few sources that have been tracking this trend and share them below, along with a few reasons. BuiltWith is an Australian website profiler that has been around since 2007. The following chart […]

Why One Client Chose HubSpot

A London-based CEO with three lines of business contacted me to help his team think through choosing between HubSpot and WordPress. Different members of his team advocated for WordPress, while others advocated for HubSpot. Their primary concern was cost of ownership. The cost of moving or the initial setup would not be a big factor […]

Page Load Speed Improvements of a CDN

A good Content Delivery Network (CDN) will improve your website’s page load speed. This is a great advantage for your visitors and for the search engine results you seek to improve. Primary reasons to use a CDN to improve page load speed: A better website visitor experience Reduce or eliminate page abandonment due to delayed […]

BlogWranglers Expert Interview on MediaShower

Jim Spencer, the founder and president of BlogWranglers, was recently interviewed over on Media Shower. Here is a link. https://mediashower.com/blog/expert-interview-series-jim-spencer-on-migrating-your-website-to-wordpress-for-media-shower/ If you are curious about the number one concern of clients who migrate from HubSpot to WordPress you will find the answer in the interview. Click here to read the expert interview.