BlogWranglers: Jim Spencer and the Wranglers

Blog Wranglers is a team of designers and programmers that have moved over  310,000 posts. We can help you too.

Sian Robertson, A HubSpot migration client sent this in;

I worked with Jim from Blog Wranglers when I needed to migrate my blog from Hubspot to WordPress. He was great to work with; quick to respond to questions, completed the project in the time he had said it would take and quoted (and stuck to) a fair and competitive price. He clearly was familiar with both platforms and knew what he was doing.

I also really liked the small design changes he made in the way the blog looks which make it easier on the eye and more readable. I would definitely recommend him for a project like this and I will look to him in the future if I need any of the other things that he does.
Sian Robertson

Jim Spencer is SEO Wrangler;

He focuses on inviting people out to the BW ranch for a little R and R while their blog is totally remade.  Hopefully, when people get back to the city they will tell their friends about our amazing ways and send them on out.

Jim Spencer
Jim Spencer

All of your communicating will be with SEOWrangler.  He will update you periodically, among his other tasks.  He keeps a keen eye on the project, compares the old to the new, looks for opportunities to make improvements and watches the other Wranglers in awe.

Over at Jim has been building and marketing websites and blogs since 2002.

Data Wrangler;

Focuses on rustling up your data. This includes your posts, comments, images, theme, authors, members, subscribers and their bios or photos and so on. You get the idea  It is like herding cats, but the DataWrangler is more like a DataWhisperer than a cat herder.

Not only will all your data get moved, but the top plugins will be installed and configured. Heck, we can even set up an off-site backup system if you like.

Design Wrangler;

If you are hunting for a fresh new design, we have you covered.  Ranchers, we make fast friends and stick together.  We have driven cattle with all kinds of folk and can hand-pick the team that will fit your needs like a glove.

Head on over to our Pony Express depot and let us know what you have in mind. We would love to hear from you before sunset.