After Moving

Blog Wranglers offers the following services to help you succeed online;

  1. Linux Hosting on a dedicated server
    Moving from HubSpot, Blogger and other SaaS solutions means you will need hosting for your migrated site. We offer WordPress optimized hosting and email.
  2. Customized design services
    Ready for a new design that really focuses attention on the important information on your site while building trust and conversions? Our designers can carefully create a custom theme in no time.
  3. WordPress plugin troubleshooting and writing
    Is a custom programmed plugin not working? We can fix it. Need a custom written plugin? We can write it.
  4. On page search optimization
    Ensure that your site and each page and post are finely tuned for the search engines to serve up your content to your specific audience.
  5. Off page search optimization, including link building
    Every site earns or obtains references from other sites. If you are not earning them we can create content, including links, to be published on other sites that will help attract the right kind of visitors back to your site.
  6. Blog writing and other content creation
    We have a posse of experienced, specialty writers to create weekly blog posts or write new web page content. In some cases you may just need a quick edit or rewriting services to bring polish and consistency to your content. 
  7. Social Media strategy
    With so many choices, what Can you do and what Should you do to share and engage on the social web? We can help you decide, plan and implement successfully.
  8. Google AdWords (PPC)
    There are not many better ways to get bring qualified traffic to your site quickly while obtaining valuable key word data from Google than implementing and managing a PPC campaign.  One client recently referred four other companies to us after working with us for less than six months.
  9. Regular and occasional web development and small changes
    It’s great that it’s so easy to make changes, but sometimes you don’t see the expected results. We can jump in and fix it for you. Whether it is an improvement to the header, adding new pages to the navigation, upgrading, switching themes or creating an entirely new web site or blog.
  10. Page load speed optimization
    Other hosts consider a 7 second page load speed standard. We find that to be an utter failure. We can review your server settings, assets and coding to improve how fast your pages load. Slow loading pages result in visitors clicking away rather than waiting.
  11. Landing page conversion optimization
    When your page has a specific target action ( sign up, download or fill out a form ) there are good and better ways to choose colors, text and layout. We can help improve your conversions.
  12. WordPress security configuration and spam, malware removal
    If you get hacked, call us. We will get your site cleaned up and smelling like a rose. Want to prevent an intrusion that may compromise your business and your brand? We can harden your WordPress installation. If you have a dedicated server we can provide security services there as well.

If there are additional services you need, please ask