4 Businesses Move from RainMaker back to WordPress

RainMaker clients are looking for freedom and finding it after they move back to WordPress. We have been in touch with a number of folks with something to say about RainMaker. Here are four points of view on why they left RainMaker and moved back to WordPress.

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Business 1 – Need More Flexibility

One of the main reasons we left RainMaker was that we wanted more flexibility in terms of what our website is able to do. We wanted the freedom to try tactics like placing email gates on certain content, for example. RainMaker provides plenty of helpful features, but a WordPress installation gives us access to more plugins. It allows us to customize the site exactly how we need to in both function and appearance. The move also allowed us to integrate our two websites (a RainMaker blog and a WordPress portfolio site) into one. The UX is much more seamless now. We’re taking on a bigger responsibility to manage the site, but our team has the capability to do that.

Business 2 – Need More Speed

EVERYTHING takes longer on RainMaker. The custom interface adds zero value, and actually only makes everything harder to use. Even just composing a simple blog post takes longer on RainMaker than on regular WordPress. And ever since the release and stabilization of Gutenberg, the only possible upside of RainMaker was made obsolete. 

Plus the idea that a RainMaker saves you money by putting everything in one place is laughable. I have several clients running sites doing everything that RainMaker can do (and more) for about half the overhead cost. 

Business 3 – Need more Options

– limited design options

– does not have 3dsecure for card payment.

– I want to use another payment processor for which rainmaker has no integration

– I want to use a multivendor

– I need a different billing solution.

… and much more.

The business has grown, I need more options and flexibility that I can’t find at RainMaker

Business 4 – Need More Simplicity

OH, for the blog post, I’d rather just say that I wanted to get back to straight-up WP without the extra bells and whistles so that I could run something a bit more clean. 

I jumped because I can’t tell anyone else to buy it anymore. I tend to use things I can also recommend. 🙂 

Here is a more in-depth post about one of our RainMaker to WordPress moves – https://blogwranglers.com/wordpress-migration-from-rainmaker-digital-platform-to-wpengine/

We have completed quite a few RainMaker to WordPress migrations. If you are looking for help migrating from RainMaker, just fill out the form on the Contact page. We respond within 24 hours or faster. 🙂

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