Move Your Blog or Website – Three Design Considerations

It’s time to move your website or blog from HubSpot, Drupal, TypePad, Blogger or Tumblr to WordPress. Three Ways to Move 1) Just export the data – posts, comments, pages, categories, tags, images, videos, meta data etc. Some projects need just the data moved  from one platform to another. For example, the client may have already started creating […]

Google Search Results for Blogsmith Disappoint

Blogsmith hit my project radar recently so I started doing some elementary research on the platform. A search in Google for “Blogsmith” took me off on a tangent and revealed how imperfect Google search results are.  Here is what I found in the first 10 search results and beyond. Result #1 If you visit you […]

WordPress Celebrates 8 Years of Goodness

Blog Wranglers sends out a big thank you to Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress core team, the folks at Automattic, the ever-expanding eco-system of WordPress developers/programmers/designers and the many site owners that take advantage of the most useful publishing platform on the planet. It has taken many people to get here and they all deserve a […]

RSS Subscriber Migration from HubSpot

Mark filled out the BlogWranglers contact form to ask about his HubSpot hosted company blog that he is moving to WordPress. He had completed moving his posts and email subscribers from HubSpot on his own.  His question was about RSS. Really Simple Syndication is a great thing, but Mark could not figure out how to […]

WordPress Jetpack

Automattic, maker of WordPress, released Jetpack to rousing cheers across the globe. Free Plugin Matt Mullenweg was thrilled to bring services found only on to self-hosted accounts. The first launch includes eight features that are installed by one simple plugin.  And there are clearly more to come, as indicated by the blank squares […]

Tumblr to WordPress Blog Moves: Will 3.1 with Post Types (Formats) Turn Tumblr’s to WP?

One of the features that has been native in Tumblr for some time now is “post types”. An easy method of categorizing posts that results in them being displayed in an organized templated structure. Many have duplicated this in WordPress by using categories and then defining a theme specific to the special “post type” to […]