RSS Subscriber Migration from HubSpot

Mark filled out the BlogWranglers contact form to ask about his HubSpot hosted company blog that he is moving to WordPress. He had completed moving his posts and email subscribers from HubSpot on his own.  His question was about RSS. Really Simple Syndication is a great thing, but Mark could not figure out how to extract his subscriber list from HubSpot.

No RSS Migration

There is no way to migrate RSS subscribers from HubSpot. At least that is what I figured. I checked with a buddy of mine that works at HubSpot and he said the same thing. If you know otherwise, please enlighten us in the comment area below.

How do you avoid losing your RSS subscribers when you want to move to a new platform? One suggestion is to use FeedBurner, which makes it pretty easy to move your subscribers.

HubSpot RSS Subscriber Notification

If you are in the same situation as Mark, here is what you can do.

Write a blog post explaining that your blog is moving. Keep the text to a minimum.

Ask your subscribers to subscribe again.

Place a nice big “Subscribe” button that links to the new feed.

If you can, present an offer or a “thank you for subscribing” message.

You may also want to repeat this  effort as you are entirely dependent on your subscribers seeing the post in their feed and clicking on the new subscribe button.

FeedBurner Maintains RSS Portability

FeedBurner is recommended whether you are on a proprietary content management system or an Open Source publishing platform like WordPress or Drupal.  This will help make sure that when it is time to migrate your blog or website that RSS subscribers are part of the move.

Note to Google: Please resume development on FeedBurner. Nothing much has happened since you bought FeedBurner in 2007.


Do you know a way to migrate RSS subscribers?

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3 thoughts on “RSS Subscriber Migration from HubSpot

  1. Thanks for the help with this problem! As a side note, it’s possible to extract subscriber email addresses from HubSpot, so you can send them a personal note asking them to subscribe to your WordPress blog, but your advice above is best – always use FeedBurner to collect subscribers to they’re portable if you switch platforms.

    1. Mark, Thanks very much for leaving a comment here. Folks often subscribe to a blog by RSS or a direct email subscription. It sounds like you are speaking about the email subscribers, rather than the RSS subscribers.

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