5 Reasons to Operate Your Business Website on WordPress

Among the handful of blogging and content management platforms, WordPress has consistently reigned as the best option for businesses.

Not only does it have an easy-to-use, intuitive design, but it’s high level of customizability and professional packages make it an ideal platform for your business website, even if your focus isn’t necessarily blogging. While few business websites are without blogs these days, WordPress’ reputation as a blogging platform doesn’t exclude it from being ideally designed to operate a functional homepage and a robust business website at the same time.

The themes and plugins available to WordPress site administrators are extensive enough that you can setup just about any kind of website with a variety of different components.

WordPress templated themes are easy to use.
WordPress templated themes are easy to use.


For a long time customization is where WordPress made a name for itself and beat out competitors like Google’s Blogger and other platforms like Hubspot, Tumblr, Drupal and Typepad. Today, those blogging platforms have found different niches and further developed their customization options, but WordPress remains the most functional and widely used choice for many reasons. Here are the five most compelling:


1. Easy Customization

Despite the facts that other platforms are catching up (Blogger just recently updated its customization interface), WordPress is still king when it comes to the amount of power and creative input it gives to site administrators.

You can change a lot about your page without even having to worry about HTML, CSS or any technical programming. If coding and web development is your thing, you can certainly edit the templates if you want to, but generally speaking, there are enough themes and customization options that you won’t have to do much (if any) of that kind of work.

For a business owner with little time to spare, that’s a major selling point.


2. Plugins

Part of what makes WordPress such a highly functional platform is the vast amount of plugins that are available to website owners.

These plugins serve a variety of purposes, but most notably they can be used to improve search engine optimization (SEO), make social sharing and interaction easier and more frequent, and even cache your website for faster load speeds and a more streamlined experience for those using your site. WordPress provides detailed information about each plugin, including a rating system and the number of times each plugin has been downloaded.

Plugins are fairly unique to WordPress, especially considering there are over 28,000 of them, and counting.


3. SEO Optimization Capabilities

While WordPress in and of itself may provide better SEO than some platforms, the plugins and tools available to you make it easier for you as the website administrator to improve SEO and score higher in search rankings for your content.  We recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast.


Responsive WordPress websites look great on tablets.
Responsive WordPress websites look great on tablets.


4. Reputation

In terms of monetized websites and business blogging, WordPress is and has been the most popular name in the business. If you’re looking to setup a business website, it’s smart to use a platform that has facilitated the success of so many who have gone before you.

Generally speaking, WordPress is thought of as the more professional choice and a better option for those who are interested in more than just casual or recreational blogging. Consider that WordPress boasts one of the largest development communities among Open Source content management systems.


5. Security

WordPress is constantly being updated with rollouts that are improving security and protecting the data that you work so hard to create and share. Of course, those updates are free and happen behind the scenes without you having to worry. There are also many useful plugins to enhance security. Currently, WordFence is a popular security plugin for WordPress.


For Professional Use

WordPress was designed for professional use and a business-oriented focus. With the amount of tools and plugins available to you, it’s going to be your best option, especially when you’re talking about using it for a business website. That’s not to say that other platforms can’t work well too, but the business “niche” is definitely owned and operated primarily by WordPress.

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  1. As a WP user for many years and on numerous sites, I could not disagree with you. I go from single page stubs to a 1500 portal. WP copes well with everything I throw at it!

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