I’m Migrating to WordPress, Will 301 Redirects Lose my PageRank?

We ask each prospective client why they want to move from HubSpot (or any other platform) to WordPress and what concerns they have. The number one “why” is the cost.  The number one “concern” is losing PageRank.

Each web site  or blog owner has a different way of sharing their concerns. I looked through some contact forms submitted recently and found a few examples.

  1. I’m primarily concerned with losing search rankings.
  2. Losing traffic
  3. By far, my biggest concern is hurting my search engine results as I rank highly for some quality keywords.
  4. Customers not being able to view content
  5. Keeping links and search authority intact is important.

The solution to these issues is 301 Redirects.

Then the question becomes do I lose rankings because of implementing 301 redirects?


Matt Cutts of Google explains that there is no loss of Google rankings in the following video entitled;

What percentage of PageRank is lost through a 301 redirect?

He also explains why there has been some confusion. Why many thought that there is indeed a drop in search results when implementing 301 redirects.

Matt Cutts clearly explains that there is currently no loss in link value due to using 301 redirects.

If you have a ranking site or blog and need to move to a new platform or domain name it is hard to think of a good reason to not implement 301 redirects.

Go forth and redirect with confidence.

Feel free to leave questions or comments about 301 redirects below. We will do our best to answer them. Or maybe you would prefer to contact BlogWranglers more privately about your upcoming migration project. We would love to hear from you either way.

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