Troubles Upgrading WordPress Automatically?

Many of our new customers come to us with something broken on their WordPress install or needing updating to the latest version.  Frequently the issue is their inability to utilize the automatic upgrade feature to get the latest version of WP (2.9.2 as I write this).  In fact just tonight we had such a client upgrade to perform.  Automatic update wasn’t working — but we were able to get the upgrade in after a bit of lasso work.

You can figure it out yourself perhaps (while risking loss of functionality of your site, or loss of data), or you can simply contact us, let us do the heavy lifting and as much as anything finesse your site to the latest WordPress version.  You might be glad to save the headache and to allow us to do so professionally protects your site, your data, and your site visitors’ experiences.

Time to contact so we can tell your WP install to giddy up and go?  Give us a holler!

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