Facebook — I don’t like you even with a new profile page

For those who missed it, I hate Facebook — that is right HATE.  And this weekend they rolled out a new Facebook Profile (link to CNN article) — great, make it even more confusing for those of us who find it hard to use, navigate, and understand.

Now I do get Facebook as a great way to find some long lost friend and get in touch — awesome, but what a horrible way to carry on any meaningful conversation.  As the Grinch might say, oh the noise, noise, noise, noise.

Facebook always confusing so what else is new? Missing "send message" link?

On the new format, I find the chat and poke buttons but I am unable to find the “send a message” link.  Where is it?  Please let me know.

Okay, so I found it — it appears when your friend goes off-line — “Chat” becomes “Send Message”.  I don’t like it at all.  I want to send a message even when my friend is on-line.  Chat often wastes time, it is lost once you close the window.  It just isn’t the same.  Who dreams these things up?

Facebook is now worse than it was yesterday.

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